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Laser Treatments

Laser Bacterial Reduction

Soft tissue laser

This revolutionary new technology attacks gum disease at a microscopic level by using a soft tissue laser, targeting bacterial colonies that are difficult to reach through typical techniques. It promotes the destruction of bacteria that cause periodontal disease and inflammation. Diseased gum tissue creates pockets that bacteria enter and fester in; therefore, inflammation of the gums is linked to life threatening diseases such as Heart Attack, Stroke and Alzheimer’s! Laser Bacterial Reduction targets harmful bacteria by encircling the teeth and gum pockets, and reducing the billions of bacteria within the pocket to hundreds within a matter of seconds!

Laser Bacterial Reduction, bacterial levels slowly grow back to original levels, but proper oral care can heal the area enough so that the healthy surrounding gum can reattach itself and shrink the deep pockets. This treatment can help reduce or eliminate bacteria that enter the bloodstream, and can prevent cross contamination of infection within the mouth. It also helps to destroy bacteria before it causes severe damage to the structures surrounding the tooth, resulting in tooth loss. It can also help improve overall health by boosting the immune system. In all, we recommend patients with severe gum disease and deep pockets undergo this procedure, which is painless and easy, taking anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the severity of the gum disease. Laser Bacterial Reduction is a simple and effective way to immediately rid the gums of bacteria causing damage to teeth and gums.

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