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Our Comprehensive Approach to Care is Natural, Safe, and Essential to Whole-Body Health.

Effective Holistic Solutions for Restorative Sleep

A full night’s sleep is essential to overall health and organ function. At NOVA Holistic, our goal is to help patients with sleep disorders and symptoms find restorative sleep. Our experienced professional team produce RESULTS, utilizing a comprehensive range of the most updated studies to produce advanced solutions. We customize every plan of care to address specific individual needs, ensuring your greatest night’s rest.

With patient comfort and results as top priorities, we blend state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of skill and compassion to help every patient experience a safer, more beneficial sleep.

By helping patients breathe more effortlessly during sleep, we can improve wellness and daily total-body function for your highest quality of life!

Our Expertise

We’re Proud to be a Full-Service Sleep Clinic Offering Innovative & Holistic Solutions.

Sleep Clinic

Twenty-five million adults in the United States alone suffer from obstructive Sleep Apnea, and more than three times that number snore! Quality sleep helps support and protect mental and physical health, enhancing daily life function and safety.

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TMJ Therapy & Airway Improvement

Patients can develop TMJ and airway disorders at any stage of life. We provide non-invasive, therapeutic treatments that have been proven with dramatic results in breathing, sleep, posture, brain function and many other aspects of daily life!

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Whole-Body Health

The body is an intricately amazing machine, able to heal itself. When it is not healing itself, we must find the source of that problem and what the body needs; this in order to prevent rather than merely treat symptoms. Our holistic approach makes us a one-stop shop for all of your needs!

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Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews
"I am so happy I went to the Northern Virginia's Holistic Dental Wellness Center!"
Patient Testimonial

Zach S.

"Excellent experiences. Would definitely recommend."
Patient Testimonial 2

Jessica S.

"A big thank you to the wonderful staff at Sleep Science Clinic."
Patient Testimonial 3

Ralph W.

"The staff at Sleep Science and Airway Improvement Clinic helped overcome my sleep apnea and get a full night's rest."
Patient Testimonial 4

Lesly A.

3116 Mount Vernon Ave Alexandria, VA 22305
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